About Thorly James

I studied sculpture and life drawing under Philip John Evett while earning a BA in biology at Trinity University. I studied architecture at UW, and have taught art to children pre-K through 9th grade. I combine my interests in life and social sciences with a love for my materials to create sculptures that tap into and awaken the beautiful, emotional animal alive in each of us.

I've lived in the Pacific Northwest since 1984, but while I was growing up, our family moved a lot. I looked for common ground wherever we landed. Now, working with clay, literally earth, I feel my connection to the planet and all of us who have grown out of this ball of stardust.

My work is in private collections and has been shown at Seward Park Clay Studio where I am a resident artist, and in juried/curated shows at the Kirkland Art Center, SeaTac Airport in association with NCECA, Photosynthesis Artist and Wellness Collective, Pottery Northwest, Seward Park Clay Studio Gallery at the Seattle Design Center, and at Miami Club Rum's "Endangered: Art4Apes" during Art Basel | Miami.

Feel free to contact me about availability, commissions, teaching, or just to say, "Hi!". Let me know if you'd like to be notified about new work/shows.